The temporal space between nature and time

Listening to Noelle’s sound piece , I had an instant attraction to continue listening. I realised that I was withdrawing from the business of my day and listening to nature (one of my most favourite past times) however, different from usual, I was listening to nature’s words.

Here are the words I wrote down whilst listening to the piece:

Busy life cut out by nature


Living in the present



Reaching deep tranquillity

Withdrawing from a busy lifestyle

Nature’s talking | Nature as a person | The spatial perception of nature

This led me to think about why this piece was alluring me so strongly. It is due to the fact as humans, in a small amount of time we are able to focus on a soundscape of one area and with that read a spatial perception of its natural surroundings.

When I first arrived at area 60, the dull overcast day had me believe there wasn’t much for me to see. However due to pure luck, two beautiful macaw parrots were being trained by the beach and their colours painted my photos rainbow.

Beyond the fact I’m fascinated by macaws, I realised my photos conveyed a strong presence of temporality in nature. The relationship humans have with the beauty of nature is subject to time and space. Time showing how temporal nature’s beauty can be, beautiful and present then suddenly gone and space being the measurement of its limitless existence.