Figurine fear

MEDA101 MOVING IMAGE PIECE from Remy Taylor on Vimeo.

Do you know where you are ? OR who to trust ?

This piece is an exploration of the elements of sound that can contribute to space, more specifically a space as a place of fear. Michael de Certeau argues that ‘A space exists when one takes into consideration vectors of direction, velocites, and time variables.’ He says that ‘space is a practiced place’ I wanted to work with this as my main idea in this project.

An example of a photographer that helped develop my ideas is Rosemary Liang, especially in her work ‘Bulletproof Glass’. Her linking of nature and human emotion allowed me to experiment with a similar form of media.

Before I began this project I attempted to visualize the space which I was trying to portray. After selecting Grace’s sound piece the words jungle, fear and lost stuck in my head. Especially with the repetitive question ‘do you know where we are?’.

I began to strongly focus on drawing on an emotion to reflect the feeling of the story. This was then followed by asking myself whether there was a style that linked with this emotion, whether I would need to use gamma correction to change the colour palette and lastly where and how I was going to take these still shots.

Using video as a medium allowed me to explore the simultaneous movements involved in the transitions of the set of photos. The departure of the video is both audio and visual as I believe it was the most effective method to achieve the emotion ‘fear’.




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