A Skater’s persistence- Meda101

It’s amazing how understanding the art of noise, music and voice will completely heighten your auditory awareness. This sound piece is a model of inner perseverance. More specifically, the perseverance of a skater attempting to complete a trick. The lengthened, bass-like sounds used to achieve the idea of internal thinking were greatly influenced by sound artist Gail Priest, especially in her work ‘Spider Dances’. Her work captures ambience and turns it into a metrically, spooky music-type sounds but continues to overlay sounds like birds to add a realistic effect. In order to present the concept of overthinking and create suspense, I used her technique with repetition of slow and low sounds with only slight alterations such as volume or pitch. Alongside this, I was inspired by the works of Pierre Henry in the way he incorporates loud or unique sounds without anticipation. Overall, throughout this piece I have married the techniques of the twenty first century works of Priest and the post World War II era of Schaeffer to create unpredictable sound art.




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