No matter how big or small, OPM or Bieber

The idea of ‘hacking’ in cyberspace where content is constantly accumulating our online identities is one scary thought. Put it this way, how do you legislate a hacker who is essentially one step ahead of you in terms of technological advancement? According to Apple’s senior vice president Jeffery Williams distributed network control over the ‘bad guys’- hackers is a ‘faulty assumption’.


We are living in 2015 where scandals that data is leaked online are happening everyday. This idea highlights what Ted (2015) argues is an ‘unpredicted situation’, when nodes are in control and broadcasting to an entire network. We don’t know which direction it can take us, therefore cybersecurity and government control is essentially… meaningless. Take the recent OPM breach that resulted in millions of people having their personal information exposed or there’s the attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network where 24.6 million customers’ private data was stolen, or compare those with Justin Bieber’s recent nude photo scandal. They all pose similar concerns. The right to privacy no longer exists and I believe this is because there just isn’t enough focus on the attacker themselves. In saying that, the online security sector so far this year has said to have raised more than $2.3 billion. However, the real question is why do the majority of us feel so safe when in fact the large volume of data that makes up our online identity is at risk?

I like idea of our new community being the metaphor of the electronic frontier. Where the people populating cyberspace are the cowboys. There is something legendary about being in the midst of a new frontier. We are experiencing a space where anything and everything is possible and that often means crime is involved. Cybercrime to be exact.

Something I strongly believe government’s need to put into place is a transparent model of the internet. Whereby, hackers are so purposefully exposed that the term no longer exists. Nonetheless, no matter how big or small, OPM or Bieber, negative or positive the hacking world is one that simply throws our distributed network into a spin and it’s something only the new frontier can bring.

This video brings together both the good and bad of hacking that I have addressed in my last two blogs and as a result uses the statement ‘hacker rehab’! Have a look !


2 thoughts on “No matter how big or small, OPM or Bieber

  1. I think you raise a great question when asking why we feel so safe to put our information on the Internet. I think this is partly because the stacks of the Internet are so talented in convincing us to and helping us forget about it. This article shows how persuasive Facebook is in convincing us not to delete our accounts:
    I think this comes back to what we were discussing a few weeks ago. For these iFeudals, we are the product so they are going to try as hard as possible to convince us that we are happy and willing to be involved.


  2. Great post. I you raised a good point when you talked about how we feel safe to put our personal information on the internet. I think because we are in the early stages of our digital era, many of us don’t fully realize the future implications that our on-line actions will have.


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