In a society where we depend on freedom of speech it’s almost impossible to think there are regulations restricting the things we watch. These restrictions are placed in order to have an affect on specific principles such as age or community concerns. Since identifying this, I wished to look further into the restrictions, the research behind these and how they’ve changed overtime.

Let’s flashback to the first signs of media regulation…

“We’re Having a Baby” by Eddie Canto

The BBC muted to the live broadcasted song due to the risk of objectionable lyrics. What were the lyrics..?

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.08.00 pm

Now we will focus back on modern media censorship…

In 2007 The FCC releases a report, “In the Matter of Violent Television and Its Impact on Children.”

The moral concerns about the effects of TV violence on children have always been debated throughout media history. This is due to ‘strong evidence that exposure to violence in the media can increase aggressive behaviour in children’.

This evidence shows just one principle of the social anxieties that lead to media censorship. However, in some cases we aren’t even aware of the threats that take place.

Let’s look further into these threats. Starting with an all time favourite cartoon that almost every child experiences at sometime in their life (unless censored by parents)… The Simpsons.

Coming across this Simpsons article on my Facebook newsfeed was entertaining to begin with until I realised it linked to the idea of global FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules.

Click HERE for hidden Simpsons messages

As children we have innocent minds and these hidden messages are now quite revealing. Referring back to the idea of censored freedom of speech, there is a fine line between damaging content and content that allows Australians to speak freely. This is due to the restrictions in respect of statements that are ‘libellous or slanderous, in contempt of court, a breach of copyright, obscene or seditious, or that incite mutiny, commission a crime or disclose official secrets’. I believe this works in the same way as media censorship. We have the freedom to create content however there are always exceptions.



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