Cyber-seniors- god love them

This is no exaggeration, as I’m currently having (or attempting to have) this conversation with my mum she’s nodding continuously, vaguely answering with a ‘yes’ when I ask if she’s even listening. Why? Because she’s buried so far into her phone that you can almost say she’s physically within the world of the network paradigm. Sherry Turkle talks about how children complain about not having their parents’ full attention. I’m one of these, yes I do the same but parents aren’t meant to be so involved in technology, right?

When there’s a house with 4 phones with 4 data plans, 1 computer, 9 laptops, 4 TV’s, 2 Ipads, 4 Ipods and only 4 humans there is little to no chance of escaping internet access. I suppose the art of making contact while texting and using our phones as Turkle mentions is inevitable. Also why my family pays big money for fast internet and are waiting for the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

As shown below… the wait is nearly over.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.12.21 pm

This may be exciting however the most exciting experience I’ve had in terms of technological advancement involved my grandma. Living in Dapto my grandma was one of the first people to get access to the NBN. At this point she was so far from technological experiences that she was still learning how to find the button to turn on her computer. A year had passed and I still lacked confidence in my grandma’s ability to utilize the internet. At this point I thought I was under the radar when it came to using up all her internet. Little did I know that she knew not only how to access and monitor my usage but she now wanted Facebook. FACEBOOK. My family never thought they’d see the day that our matriarch would cave for the likes of social media.

The video below shows the evolution of cyber-seniors.

This is the clearest form of evidence of social and technological evolution to date. As Boyd (2014) says ‘over the past decade, social media has evolved from being an esoteric jumble of technologies to a set of sites and services that are at the heart of contemporary culture’. This culture is inescapable. I find it fascinating that there is still a false belief about the relationship with seniors and the internet. It is true to say that today’s seniors are not tomorrows seniors and is the reason why in my DIGC202 assignment I am planning to construct a photo series that shows today’s technology being normalized by the elderly. Research suggests that today’s technology and complicated user interfaces are alienating seniors. I want to eliminate this concept by capturing the elderly with new technology in a natural context. Technology such as go pros, Iphone, Ipad, 3D printers, social media, apple watch, drone, Oculus Rift. This will be a way to eliminate the misconceptions of demographics and the different relationships we have with technology.


Danah Boyd, It’s Complicated (2014), free PDF downloadURL

Sherry Turkle, Alone Together TED talk transcript (April 2012)URL


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